Houses in Thailand

Siam Thai House offers a fine house, condo, land in Thailand at a bargain price. Our joint property taxes are 20-40 euros month. Please compare our prices and fees with others who sell houses in Thailand. Not far from our area are restaurants, shops, beach, downtown, golf courses, hospitals, dentists, etc.

All our houses, condo, land are located in southeastern Thailand (Chonburi area) at Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Na Jomtien Beach. These areas are only 1-2 hours drive from the new airport. Chonburi has the most tourists, a long ledger and residents farang (foreigners) in Thailand. It is the cheapest and most popular tourist area in Thailand. There are pristine beaches with crystal clear water, many paradise islands and beautiful scenery. There are plenty of excursions for the whole family. There are also fine highways, Thailand's most and best golf courses (, international hospitals and the new airport southeast of Bangkok. Southeast Thailand was also the country's best climate, with mild monsoon and lowest precipitation.

House, Condo, Land

We have Villas and Town House on Kittima Garden Home (Click Kittima). We can also offer houses in other areas (click Ao). We can also offer condo and land, contact us.

What is included in the houses?

Our house is tiled on all floors. Bulbs are included throughout the house. In living rooms and bedrooms with air conditioning (air-con) and fans. Complete bathroom with hot water, crockery, tiles of high quality. Complete kitchen with fridge / freezer, hot plates, sink, sink base cabinets and wall cabinets. In Thailand, count them in, all under a roof of living space. We are not counting the balcony, patio, carport or other exterior surface of our living space. We can help with any additions, purchasing and transportation. We can also offer house with furniture and equipment.